La Pointe du Raz en Cap-Sizun, site labellisé Grand Site de France

Two local organisations manage the Grand Site de France

Pooling skills and resources

The extension of the boundary of the Grand Site de France provided the opportunity to pool skills and resources. Cap Sizun – Pointe du Raz District Council is responsible for the conservation, management and development of the outstanding green spaces in the area. The ‘Syndicat Mixte de la Pointe du Raz’ is in charge of the most visited part of the Grand Site. It deals with heritage management, the general public, scheduling, events, promotion and relations with local businesses.

Cap Sizun – Pointe du Raz District Council, manager and holder of the award

Since 2010, with the agreement of the landowners (Conseil Général du Finistère, Conservatoire du Littoral) and the Syndicat Mixte de la Pointe du Raz, the District Council has been in sole charge of the 650 hectares of green spaces and 600km of paths and tracks.

The role of the District Council in maintaining approved status is:

  • To carry out general maintenance of the Grand Site
  • To guarantee and manage public access to the area with respect to safety and preserving green spaces
  • To monitor the ecology of the area (habitat management, ecological monitoring, environmental quality, visitor number control, nature and species preservation)
  • To unite and structure initiatives to promote nature by the transfer and sharing of natural and scientific knowledge 

The Syndicat Mixte de la Pointe du Raz, co-manager

The tasks of the Syndicat Mixte de la Pointe du Raz at the heart of the Grand Site de France complement those carried out by the District Council:

  • To promote the Grand Site de France – Pointe du Raz en Cap Sizun and manage public relations
  • To welcome the general public, provide for their safety, give information and raise public awareness
  • To create a programme of events
  • To schedule, manage and promote events
  • To monitor visitor numbers and profiles
  • To ensure the suitability of services and facilities for the needs and expectations of the general public
  • To ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the visitors centre and related buildings, (paths are maintained by teams from the District Council).
A network of partners

A network of partners work with the District Council and the Syndicat Mixte to provide support in meeting objectives :

  • The communes of Plogoff, Cléden-Cap Sizun, Goulien and Beuzec-Cap Sizun
  • Le Conservatoire du Littoral (Coastal Conservation Trust)
  • Le Conseil Général du Finistère (Finistère Council)
  • Le Conseil Régional de Bretagne (Brittany Regional Council)
  • Finistère Tourist Development Agency
  • Brittany Tourist Board
  • Ouest Cornouaille Development Agency
  • The Tourist Offices of Cap Sizun (Beuzec Cap Sizun, Pont Croix, Plouhinec, Audierne)
  • The State
  • The ‘Grands Sites de France’ Network